Since the moment I got my Cricut I couldn't wait to decorate my classroom with all sorts of Cricut characters.  Here are some pictures of my classroom.

This first picture is of my reading tree.  It helps me to keep track of each student's reading level. It's a huge motivator for getting my kids to read more at home.  The tree template was made by my BFF Jennifer.  She was kind enough to let me barrow the template :) 

Owls are the perfect way to decorate any tree right?

Cherry blossoms are my favorite flower! I have always wanted to see them in real life.  Since they don't grow too commonly in Arizona, I thought "why not make this into a cherry tree and then I'll have one in my classroom?" So now I can see these beautiful blossoms every day!  They were made using the Pagoda cart.  I just cut them out using different shades of pink and layered them into clusters.

Here is our "Author of the Month" wall.  I copied covers of books by the author and laminated them.  The kids have really gotten into the authors we have learned about.  

This font came from the Martha Stewart Birthday Cake Art cart.  

This is a pretty large poster.  I have been searching and searching for posters with my favorite characters and they were no where to be found.  One day I was looking at one of my favorites: Skippyjon Jones: Lost in Spice and thought that this page would make an awesome poster.  Well...I have a document camera in my room that projects images onto my screen...I placed the page under the camera and voila! Custom poster! After tracing the image I colored/painted it using oil pastels.  Not an easy task.  This poster took about 10-13 hours to complete.  I have made several others that now decorate my room. They have added so much to my classroom!

This is what it looked like during the process:

Each month I also read a chapter book.  My BFF and I teach next door to each other and we came up with this monthly chapter book idea together.  One of the books that we read is Alice in Wonderland.  Once my kids read this story, they get hooked!  They love all of the characters, so when I saw the Disney  Classics cart I knew I had to have it.  Plus I'm a huge Disney person, so I had to own it no matter what :) These characters now decorate the wall around the bathroom. I love how Alice is falling down the wall :)

This is Alice when she reaches the tiny door. I made the door with my Gypsy by welding several shapes together. I didn't save it so I'm not sure what I used.  I think the basic shape was a tomb stone LOL!

This brilliant idea came from my genius husband.  He saw the white rabbit and suggested cutting him out large enough to have him holding my classroom clock.  Seriously, I NEVER would have thought of that!

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  1. I love the white rabbit "holding" the clock, and the cherry blossoms!



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